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Communicating Europe - A2, beloging to the Basic User Level

Throughout this unit students will learn how to talk about habits or expressing an opinion. You can start by using quantifiers such as 'everyone', 'most people' or by using constructs such as the verb 'soler' followed by the infinitive. At the end of the unit the students should make a survey on some European Union countries and discuss their results.


Why not taking advantage of learning Spanish for a better understand of the important things surrounding us in everyday's life? This is the approach which has the European Commission Representation in Spain in order to develop several materials (such as lesson plans, teacher's book, audio materials and DVDs) to teach Spanish with European themes. All available from this website.



  • video 1 - Exercise 1
  • video 2 - Exercise 7
  • video 3 - Exercise 9. Intro

  • video 3 - Exercise 9. Bulgary

  • video 3 - Exercise 9. España

  • video 3 - Exercise 9. Francia

  • video 3 - Exercise 9. Polland


Listening Exercises