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Valpuesta Foundation is born with the aimn to study and promote Castilian since its very origins.

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At its beginnings, Valpuesta Foundation counts on a budget of 80,000 euros and seeks for new employers. Its first project will be the facsimile edition of Valpuesta's cartulary which is considered the oldest text in Castilian language.

The Foundation will support the Castilian and Leonese Institute of Language in order to carry out this printing project.The cartularies, are preserved in Santa Maria de Valpuesta's church in Burgos.

This is a set of texts comprised by copies of documents, some of them written in the 10th century and considered to be first evidence in Castilian, even before the Emilianeses and Silos's Glosses .

The intention of the Foundation is being able to finance all their projects looking for specific support for all those projects to be implemented.

Translated by Miguel San José 

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