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Being able to choose from a wide variety of quality accommodations, with years of experience and with many students going through them, makes important for you to enjoy your Spanish learning with us. Here you are this variety so you can see where you will be staying.




You can choose different modalities:
• Full board.
• Half Board.
All our families have a single room for students of Spanish courses offered by the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Españolaa. The homes of the families are located downtown, allowing the students to attend lessons to learn Spanish.







The Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española has University apartment throughout the year, where students will breathe the atmosphere of a typical Spanish university study environment and they will interact with other students of any other nationality.


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A network of apartments in the inner city where we teach our lessons will enable students to have a sense of independence within the city in which they are studying: single or double rooms, equipped with all necessary facilities, full kitchen, linens, cleaning service, etc ... They may choose in between single or double occupancies or use a shared apartment with other students.
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