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Internship in Spanish in Valladolid

The Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española, in collaboration with the most prestigious companies and institutions in Castilla y León, is pleased to offer an internship program for international students.

Ideal for undergraduate and graduate students interested in professional and personal development, allowing to develop knowledge and skills to inform their career choices. This unique program provides students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the skills employers are looking for. Internships serve as a critical experience for students to apply their in classroom learning to a real world experience.

Participating students will be placed in internships in companies and institutions from the area. As part of the program students also participate in a mandatory seminar held at the Fundación. Topics covered include Spanish language and culture and the workplace, as well as an analysis of their internship experience in the local context. Participants can also take part in an optional Spanish language class offered by the Fundación for an additional fee.

The offer combines a high quality academic agenda with a program in Spanish Language and Culture, open to all programs, including Spanish grammar and conversation classes, as well as classes on Spanish for Specific Purposes. In addition, the programs include several touristic visits and offer a series of optional excursions, giving the students the opportunity to explore Spain’s fascinating cities

The welcome program provides an initial contact with the Fundación, the city of Valladolid and Spanish culture in general. The program includes a welcoming session at which students are given basic information regarding their stay and a presentation about the Spanish culture. The welcome sessions are also made up of a tour of the main Fundación services and several excursions to the city and the region. Taking part in these activities is extremely helpful to exchange students as it facilitates integration and the subsequent stay.

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What makes an internship different?

An internship is a period of structured work experience that will often relate to your career goals. The experience should enhance your career and personal development, allowing you to develop knowledge and skills to inform your career choices.

Objectives of the internship:

• Learn about yourself and what you need to develop to fulfil your potential.

• Develop your knowledge of the professional workplace and workplace culture Broaden your horizons and build your confidence.

• Gain experience working on projects integrated into your degree


Main features:

• You will be offered training and may be assigned a mentor

• You will be encouraged to reflect and record your experience

• You will work on a specific area of work, or assigned to a project

• Length can vary, but 2-8 weeks is common


Although every internship is unique, we try to ensure that they provide the following common elements:

• Part/Full-time work for the internship

• A defined project, which creates real value for the host organization and a valuable learning experience for the student

• Interaction with an assigned supervisor or mentor within the host organization

• While some employers offer paid internships, an unpaid internship can be an equally valuable opportunity.



• Business Administration

• International Trade

• Accounting

• Engineering

• Architecture

• Media and Communication

• Medicine

• Law

• Culinary Arts

Internship programmes at major companies of Castilla y León

• Colegio de Abogados de Valladolid

• Consulting firms

• Auditing companies

• Collosa (Civil Egineering)

• Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Valladolid

• Lingotes Especiales S.A. (Mechanical Engineering)

• Progatesa (Business Adminsitration)

• Gerencia Regional de Salud de CyL (Health)

• Estación Gourmet (Culinary Arts)

• Restaurants • Hotels (Meliá, Vincci, etc...)

• Radio Televisión de CyL

• Crystal Pharma

• Postquam Cosmetic

• Grupo TECOPY (Computer Engineering)

• Incosa (Industrial Engineering)

• TOOOLS Creative Software ...