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2017 Scholarships and Spanish courses

The Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española awards every year a large number of scholarships to students interested in learning and practicing Spanish within a complete immersion environment in the city of Valladolid, an historic enclave of Spain, a medium-sized city in which the students will have a real opportunity to learn the Spanish way of life and to learn the language in everyday situations.

Scholarship conditions

  • The candidates considered by the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española to receive any grant will be Spanish language students from all over the world with the exception of Spain (foreign students living in Spain will not be awarded).
  • It is aimed at students aged 18 years-old (see special conditions for students under 18)
  • Any level of Spanish, from beginner to advanced levels.
  • There will be no economic discrimination for the resolution of the scholarship.
  • There will be no academic discrimination for the resolution of the scholarship.
  • A proportional number of scholarships will be granted per country.
  • This type of scholarship can only be granted to study Spanish at the centre of the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española in Valladolid, for a period not exceeding two weeks.
  • The students can increase the period of study (over two weeks) assuming the expenses for the period exceeding 2 weeks.
  • The student will show an exemplary behaviour in and out (accommodation, city ...) of the school, fully complying with the activities of the centre and the offered curriculum .
  • In case of not meeting the expected behaviour standards, the student may automatically be expelled out of the program.
  • The attendance to the training course must be at least of the 95%. In any case, the absences will be properly justified.

Terms & Conditions

  • The scholarship covers the tuition: 510€/two weeks.

  •   The scholarship doesn´t include:

    • Hosting-accommodation (we can provide you the hosting)

    • Enrollment: to book your place, you must pay only the enrollment 

  • Addiotinal services:

    • Full insurance cover (optional)

    • Transfer from Madrid / Valladolid airport (optional)

    • cancellation (optional)


Features of the Course of Spanish Scholarship

The aim of the grant given by the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española is taking up a two weeks course on Spanish, upon whose completion the student will receive a 40 hours attendance certificate. Students, can also take a one week course (20 hours attendance certificate), considering the course is designed to be completed in a fortnight.

We are looking for students who are interested in deepening their knowledge in context, therefore, lessons represent approximately a 65%, and they are complemented with several educational and recreational activities.

On their first day, students will receive timely information on the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española, features of the course, details related to the logistics and infrastructure of the city, and in addition performing a test to find out their grammatical level of Spanish, and consequently establishing groups of students in the most appropriate way.

Besides, the first day students will take a three hours guided tour to the most important spots of the city, carrying with them a few written activities, which should be delivered to their teacher in order to be corrected throughout the two weeks. This kind of tour could be change in order of the weather, season of the year or number of students.

On Wednesday, the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española organizes a two educational tour visits to two cities stated as World Heritage Site, Segovia and Salamanca. These days, therefore, class takes place outside the classroom, although these visits are voluntary, since they have a cost of €45 each. For students who do not wish to take them up, the first day of lessons they will have been told about the cultural leisure alternatives in Valladolid and its surroundings.

The trip to Segovia includes a guided visit tour for 3 hours, and during the afternoon, we will visit any of this places: La Granja Palace, Riofrío Palace or Pedraza.

The trip to Salamanca includes, returning to Valladolid in the afternoon, a stop at the historic town of Tordesillas so that (free) visiting the Houses of the Treaty and the convent of the nuns of the Order of St. Clare, under the same conditions as La Granja Palace.

Friday lessons end +/- at 13: 30, in order to proceed with the delivery of certificates to the students.

In reference with the accommodation, the Fundación para la Difusión de la Lengua y la Cultura Española deals with its management, providing different options with very affordable prices: host families, dorm, apartment or hotels. They are well known and contrasted accommodations by the Foundation, meeting a minimum of quality parameters. The Foundation also offers more luxurious accommodations with other economic conditions which can be checked at an individual level.


Method of payment:

  • Spanish course: 0€
  • Enrollment-booking: 85€
  • Aditional services if required: 2 weeks before the beginning of the course.



Three easy steps to book your course:

  1. Choose the options
  2. Enrol - Fill the Application Form
  3. Pay the enrollment / booking

*The only amount of money to be paid in advance is the enrollment/booking. The rest of the services booked can be paid one or two weeks before coming, or directly at the Foundation.



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