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FAQ - preguntas frecuentes

Here, we provide you with the answers to some frequent questions commonly asked by all the students who are awarded with our scholarship. We hope this section is of great use for the students.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ´s

In continuation with the process we have provided  some frequently asked questions with answers that other students on scholarship have had. We hope it will be of most useful for you.

What costs are covered by the scholarship?

The scholarship itself is for continuing studies and as such covers the Spanish course for two weeks duration. The students will need to cover housing and the tickets with a 100€  application fee.

What is included in the application fee?

The right to participate in the two week course as well as the materials needed.

Does the Foundation send an authorization to present in the Embassy or the Spanish Consulate of Spain to aid with the visa?

Yes, always. Also, when a payment has been made for the application fee it is then expedited or shipped accordingly. Verification is sent through e-mail.

How does transfer work?

It is through a service that is borrowed through the Foundation for the students and works to pay for the tickets from Madrid to Valladolid and vice-versa. The student should report to the Foundation at least a week before to ensure proper processing has been made for the time table and flight information. The Foundation then buys bus or train tickets. Usually with the AVE it is of premium service to its customers since the trip is shorter (around 55 minutes). However, there are occasions where a person chooses the bus because the last train is at 21:30 and if there is a delay it is more convenient to take the bus since the timetable runs later. Even more, whichever mode of transportation is chosen, there is then a detailed itinerary in how to get from the airport to the bus or train station.

The tickets are sent ahead of time in case changes must be made. Not too much because sometimes only the leave option is available since the return may not be specified at the time the student buys the ticket.

How can I know the price of accomodation?

In order to see the various prices for housing, all you need to do is look on the web page in the yellow square.


If I choose to live with a family, how can I choose and when would I have the information about that family?

Three weeks before the arrival of the student, the organisation reviews carefully the needs of each student. When a student chooses to homestay with a family we take into account the personality, characteristics, specific allergies or anything else taken note of the student beforehand. This includes smoking, pets, if he or she likes children, everything. 15 days before the arrival the student will get information of the family in case they want to contact them before arriving to Spain. Any special requirements of the student should contact the Foundation directly.

If I do not go on the excursions is there class?

No, there is no class.

What is included in the price of the excursions?

The price of the excursions includes transportation to and from the doors of the Foundation to wherever the students may be visiting that specific day , a guide for the students available for 3 hours, and with three  strategic stops in Valladolid. Not included is the food and entrance tickets into the museum. Also, they can eat with the guide in a recommended restaurant for a price of approximately 10€.

Independent price is 45€ for transportation and the number of students.

The Foundation has the right to permit entrance on the excursion or no.

Is there a way to cancel a contracted service such as insurance or transfer?

Yes, there is with at least a 10 days notice before doing so.

What is half and full pension?

Half pension includes breakfast and one of the other meals of the day, lunch or dinner. The selection of lunch or dinner depends on the family and student agreement.

Full pension includes all of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In a family homestay, is there an individual room?

Normally yes, however there are options if desired to share a room with another participant.

What is included in the housing for university students?

Usually a single-room with a bathroom and full pension.

Is housing placed near there Foundation?

The foundation is placed on the street Dos de Mayo, about 5 minutes walking to the Plaza Mayor of Valladolid and for this reason it is very well situated. We try to place the students close to the foundation with a maximum distance of 30 – 35 minutes walking. For people that come in car and motorcycle, they are generally placed in houses a little further out but with free parking. Also, if a student desires to be placed farther they usually have advantages such as pools, gardens, play paddle, etc. Anyone that is interested ask for this option. In any case, Valladolid is a city with great transportation and easy to get around walking.

If I choose “transfer” will someone come to get me at the airport?

No, as mentioned before, when someone chooses transfer it includes the tickets and detailed instructions from the airport to the bus or train station.

When I arrive to Valladolid, will someone come to the station and bring me to where I need to stay?

The Foundation is not responsible for that. Howver, if a student chooses to stay with a family they can get in contact with the family and many times, someone will go and get them at the station.

When does the accommodation start and end?

Accommodation starts Sunday at 16:00 and finishes at 12:00 in the morning Saturday.

Can I stay an extra day at the accommodation?

Yes,  well in advance and an extra day has a price of 35 € with the family or in university housing.