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Anthropology in Spain

Deposits on the Sierra de Atapuerca have provided an archaeo-paleontogical revolution at European level. Not only human fossils have demonstrated our presence on the continent for nearly a million years, but also have become an essential reference for any study on populations of the Middle Pleistocene fossils.

Our cooperation with the University of Burgos makes possible for students who are interested, in taking an interesting course for the development of their professional activity.

With more than 120,000 visitors a year, and having gone through the most important museums of half the world, Atapuerca becomes the centre of anthropology and palaeontology in Spain and Europe and one of the largest in the world. This location combined with the three World Heritage cities and numerous archaeological and artistic deposits in Castile and Leon, make this region the most important cultural destination in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. This educational program on archaeology provides an opportunity to improve students' language ability while immersed in one of the largest anthropological treasures.


We offer a wide range of accommodation suitable to each group's budget. All residences and hotels we work with have been visited in the last 12 months and offer the guarantees of quality we demand in our programs. Three and Four stars Hotels in the downtown or residence halls with a lower price are also available

Distribution of the program

A two weeks package is offered

First Week: 3 hours of Spanish lessons and two hours of lessons on anthropology and history.

Second Week: Archaeology workshop in one of the many archaeological sites in Castile and León.

Third week: Optional Spanish lessons.

Four full-day trips to different routes and anthropological centres in Castile and León during the development of the program.


Tranlated by Miguel San José