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Children- Game - Hangman

The Hangman is a pencil and paper game in which the aim is to guess a word or phrase.

At the beginning of the game a base is drawn, and a line instead of each letter (leaving the gap). For example, if the phrase is "Sea Lion" is written:

LOBOMARINO ------> - - - - - - - - - -

Usuallya definition is provided to aid as starting point for each word (or last), for example:

LOBOMARINO ------> M _____ L ___

If the letters are repeated in the middle of the word they must be completed, for example:

ARA Ñ A ------> A _ A _ A

Then the remaining player (or players, in turn) must say the letters they thing they are correct and contained within the phrase. If they are right, all the letters which match are to be written.. If the letter is not there, it is to be written up and added to the body part (head, arm, etc..). The number of parts to draw can be changed depending on the difficulty of the word or the players. You can see an example in the animated image.

The game is won if you complete the sentence, and is lost if the body is completed before the end of the sentence. The winner is the next to choose the phrase or word, or the same player as the previous time if anyone failed .

In our version of hangman, a young and defenseless life penguin play betting on our knowledge of Spanish vocabulary words.