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Communicating Europe - C1, beloging to the Competent User Level

This unit offers the students teaching contents on the EU to help them learning, practicing and consolidating the different aspects of communication such as assesing and argueing opinions, expanding vocabulary areas related to environment and health. In the area of ​​grammar the student's discourse will be enhanced through the use of connectors, such as, though, even, ...


Why not taking advantage of learning Spanish for a better understand of the important things surrounding us in everyday's life? This is the approach which hasthe European Commission Representation in Spain in order to develop several materials (such as lesson plans, teacher's book, audio materials and DVDs) to teach Spanish with European themes. All available from this website.



  • video 1. Exercise 1

  • video 5. Ejercicio 5 


Ejercicios de audición

  • escuchar la audición 1. Ejercicio 4