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VideoELE - Level B2

Material aimed at teachers: VideoEle offers plenty of audiovisual material to enrich Spanish lessons and helping their students to learn more

Material aimed at teachers
They can be used for:
   • Introducing a variety of activities in their classrooms with attractive audiovisual equipment.
   • Complementing the commonly used educational material and as a guide of the course.
   • In the classroom, for those students who work individually with computers or they have a data projector or electronic whiteboard.
   • In the computer room of the university, institute, college or school where the teaching is done.
   • In the school's resource room or self-study room of the school.
   • As a reinforcement activity for students to work in their homes, if they have internet access.

It is easy to choose the most appropriate video for your needs. This may refer to the tables of contents for each of the four levels. In these tables the lexical, functional, grammatical and cultural content can be practiced by the students on each video.

The central part of the course consists of videos which provide support materials in PDF format: transcripts, Tutorials and solutions. You can download these PDF files, copies and distribute them freely among the students. VideoEle is free, you just need to mention where that material was obtained.

The videos have an approximate duration of 3 to 6 minutes. Each one emphasizes different lexical contents, communicative functions, grammar or cultural elements.

Have students set at certain levels, because they contain many details reflecting everyday scenes and numerous cultural elements in the environment of a Spanish-speaking country.

See the table of contents for levels A1, A2, level B1 or B2 select the video and select the most appropriate for the student's aims, the followed curriculum and the students' interests. You will also decide the most appropriate time of didactic sequence for your course in which you will introduce the video.

Translated by Miguel San José