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Una selección de 20 clips para principiantes de español.


Las distintas unidades:


  • De compras

Buying things
Buying presents and souvenirs


  • En el mercado

Food shopping
Buying food, fruit and flowers


  • Daily Routine Día a día

The daily routine
Saying what you do every day
Saying at what time you do it



  • Espectáculos

Shows and events
Asking for information
Suggesting others things they can do

  • Cosas Deliciosas

I like it
Talking about what you like and don't like


  • Tal como éramos

The way we were
Talking about what life used to be like
Talking about the first time you met someone


  • Vida Sana

Healthy Living
At the doctor's
Talking about providing basic services


  • Luna de Miel

Unforgettable Moments
Talking about what you and someone else did together


  •  De turismo

Visiting historic places


  • ¿Estudias o trabajas?

Study and Work
Talking about the beginning of your career